Anna-Karyna works hard and supports the community

Anna-Karyna is a hard worker and knows the community well. I am very glad she has stepped up to run for School Trustee. She would be a good partner to ensure the success of the new high school in the East end.

City Councillor Paula Fletcher

Ward 14, Toronto-Danforth

There is no doubt in my mind: as a school trustee, Anna-Karyna would hit the ground running!

Anna-Karyna brings dedication, intelligence, and fierce determination to everything she does. She is a team player who builds bridges and gets results. AK understands the many factors involved in defending our children’s constitutional rights such as equivalence to the schools of their anglophone peers. She knows the challenges and barriers our community faces and has been willing, able and prepared to meet them.

A good candidate understands the real work involves sticking to the issues, working with elected officials, making allies, and getting results. AK already has a head start because she has a firm grasp of the issues and for years has been moving things forward while working in the background. She cares deeply about these issues as a parent and would be a terrific Viamonde school trustee.

There is no doubt in my mind, Anna-Karyna would hit the ground running!

Gisèle Rousseau

Community activist & Member of parent council at Collège français for 5 years (2 years as chair)

Energetic, caring and solutions-focused

Anna-Karyna is invested in the Viamonde school board and in our community.  She has always been very involved and wants the best school experience for her child, and by extension, for all of our kids. I don’t have a single doubt that Anna-Karyna would do an awesome job as a trustee.  She’s energetic and caring, she works hard and she is Francophone.  For years, she’s been working to get a high school in the east end and is always demanding better, while helping to find realistic solutions. 

She has attended Viamonde Board meetings over the years to present solutions and has always been a great spokesperson for our community. 

Ginette Fisher

Parent of La Mosaïque et Collège français students

Already in contact with key elected officials

As a past school trustee, I know the importance of creating allies among elected officials. Anna-Karyna is a step ahead of the fray. Not only does she know who the key players are, she’s already talking to them.

Pascale Thibodeau

Viamonde School trustee (2018-2022) and Parent of a Collège français student

Progressive and a great listener

After the Toronto-Centre election debacle in October, I was concerned as a parent that more disconnected candidates may run. I seriously considered submitting my own candidacy, but after talking to Anna-Karyna in person, I decided to support her campaign instead. I am impressed by the work she’s done and continues to do for our French public school students. She’s progressive, intelligent and really listens.

I am confident that she will represent the interests of Toronto-Centre students, and will work hard for all Viamonde students.


Shamim Ahad

Parent of a La Mosaïque student

Considerate, positive and full of good ideas

I met Anna-Karyna in 2017. She had just spearheaded a first letter campaign to Queen’s Park in support of a much-needed secondary school for our kids. Since then, Anna-Karyna has been unstoppable.

I enjoy working with her; she’s considerate, always positive and full of good ideas.

Michelle Miller-Guillot

Member of parent council at Ecole La Mosaique from 2016-2022 (4 years as chair)

Passionate and determined

As a long-standing board member at Le Petit Chaperon Rouge where she served as chair, vice-chair and treasurer, Anna-Karyna has been a remarkable community leader who stands out as a committed and passionate advocate for a better future for our children.

I have no doubt her voice will be a positive one for our school community and at the Viamonde board table.

Marie-Chantal Ethier

Past board member of Le Petit Chaperon Rouge daycare (2015-2022)

The right combo of skills and collaborative spirit

As a bilingual queer family, we’re so happy that Anna-Karyna is in this race. Her dedication to education and diversity really impressed us when we spoke to her about our concerns and hopes. Our son has just started in kindergarden and we want to know that there’s a fully supported path for him to grade 12 at Viamonde.

Anna-Karyna has the right combo of skills and collaborative spirit to move things along at the trustee table. We’re voting for her on January 23!

Evan Dean

Parent of a La Mosaïque student