As a parent, I want what is best for my child and what’s best for yours as well.

As an engaged francophone, I understand the specific challenges that we face as a minority when advocating for French-language rights and education.  I’m a resident of Toronto-Centre and I know the issues that concern us.

 I am well aware of the challenges that lay ahead, and I will work hard and make every effort to meet the aspirations of our students and their families in Toronto-Centre. 


My Track Record

For the last 6 years I have worked to ensure equivalency for La Mosaïque elementary school and for the new Toronto East secondary school. Equivalency is a fundamental  principle for me. I intend to continue this work so that all 

 language rights holders in Viamonde’s zone can access equivalent elementary  and secondary schools that are within a reasonable distance from their homes.



Our children’s constitutional right to education in French in schools that are equivalent to their English counterparts must be defended and respected by our school board and our governments. I will continue to defend this right. To this end, I have worked with the active parents of Toronto-Danforth and Beaches-East York to advocate for a French secondary school that is equivalent to local English schools.

Your Concerns are my Concerns

I share the concerns and hopes of all Viamonde parents. It is important to me that our children thrive not only thanks to the quality of their education, but also because of the vibrancy of their school life and the activities offered to them.


For Francophones in a minority context, the school is the beating heart of our Francophonie. 

Since my child started school, I’ve come to realize how much added effort is required to enrich the lives of our kids so that they receive services in French that are comparable to those of the English majority. This young generation deserves services that not only allow them to be fluent in French, but also to be proud of it.


The new Toronto East secondary school still has no school yard or access to a green space. It is essential  that we secure prioritized student access to the sports field at the neighbouring Felstead park during school hours for gym classes and recess, and outside school hours for extracurricular sports and community activities. I have already taken steps with the local city councillor and provincial MP on this issue, and I’m hopeful that with continued dialogue and thoughtful input, we can reach an agreement that puts students first.  

A Place for all French-language Rights-Holders

The Francophone community of Toronto-Centre is growing and many of our primary schools are either at capacity or will be in the coming years. We must plan for this growth. This is why I have supported the initiative of a new primary school at Quarry Lands and was a signatory to the October 2022 letter that was sent to the Minister of Education, urging him to fund this project.


As a francophone parent active in my school community, I’m aware that every Viamonde school region is unique. I’m committed to working with my fellow trustees to improve the futures of all Viamonde students.